1. How soon will my account be available after signing up ?
We usually set up all accounts within 24 hours.

2. Where are your servers located ?
Our servers are located in the United States of America.

3. How soon will my domain name be connected to the site ?
New domain names are usually working within 24 to 48 hours.
If you already have a domain name you can point it to our servers within less than 4 hours to 10 days depending on various factors. If you need more information regarding this please contact us.

4. What is your minimum contract term ?
If you choose to pay monthly the minimum contract term is one month. If you choose to pay yearly the minimum contract term is one year.

5. How can I pay you ?
You can pay with or without a credit card via Paypal. Our prices are in US Dollar. If you are living outside the USA your payment will be converted from your currency to US Dollar automatically.

6. Do you have an uptime guarantee ?
Our network uptime is above 99.9%. We do not offer an uptime guarantee for single servers but our average server uptime is above 99.8%.

7. Can I register domain names on your site ?
We do only offer domain registration for our customers. All hosting plans include a free domain name.

8. Will I own the domain names I register on your site ?
Yes, you own the domain name and you can move it to another server at any time.

9. Do you host international domains?
Yes, we host any domain extension.

10. Do you host adult or warez sites?
No, we do not host adult or warez sites and we will have to terminate any account that contains such content.

11. How much additional bandwith can I purchase ?
We sell 5 GB of traffic for $3 per month. You can purchase up to 500 GB of additional traffic.

12. Are you a reseller ?
No, we operate and administrate our own servers in various US datacenters.

13. Will my site contain any ads ?
No there will not be any ads on your site.

14. Are there any hidden fees?

15. What kind of scripts will you install on my account ?
As our customer you get a guestbook, counter, clock, chat, forum, shopping cart and form submission script.


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