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About Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country and it is a famous tourist destination. Study in Turkey is the dream of many students. Students from all over the world want to study in Turkey due to its good culture and low fee and living costs as well as scholarships. Turkish universities also offer scholarships for Pakistani students in turkey, so Pakistani students want to study in Turkey.  The universities of Turkey are top-ranked throughout the world.

The higher education system of Turkey is one of the youngest systems in the world, but it is providing useful education and has gained a good reputation in the whole world. There are about 206 higher education institutions out of which 109 are state institutions and the remaining are private institutions, with more than 58092 different programs. About 125,000 international students study in these institutions. Students can study their desired program with such a variety in their desired university.

Why Study in the Turkey?

  •  With accessing 94.2% schooling rate, Turkey is the second top country in the world. Only the policies and funding of universities is handled by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey. But mostly the universities are independent and they make their own academic calendar.
  •  As Turkey is a link between Asia and Europe, therefore students from different cultures study in Turkish universities and represent their cultures. That is why Turkey is a multicultural state and a mosaic of cultures. Everyone is tolerant and respectful towards each other representing an ideal peaceful environment.
  •  Turkey is famous for its diversity in the weather. It experiences four seasons and its natural beauty is popular all over the world. Students can enjoy different sports and games in Turkey, including ski, swimming, rafting, and the most mesmerizing riding of the hot balloons.
  •  In every city of Turkey, there is a university. Therefore, it is a student-friendly country. Students from different geographical backgrounds get close together shaping it a mosaic of a variety of civilizations.  Turk people are really very hospitable, sincere, friendliness, and are very legendary all over the world.
  •  Turkish people welcome international students as their guests and offer you many treats. Turkey provides international students easy living conditions. Students can meet their needs like accommodation, food, and drinks, entertainment, and tickets for transportation at cheap and affordable prices.

YOS Exam 2023-24 in Balochistan 

General Information.

YÖS Exam for International Students (Examination For Foreign or Overseas Students) is an assessment designed for foreign or overseas students who intend to pursue higher education at Turkish universities. This examination, administered by Istanbul University, serves as a prerequisite for applying to Turkish public or private universities' foreign or overseas student quotas.

Exam Content:

The YÖS exam consists of the Test of Basic Learning Skills, which comprises 80 questions. Among these questions, 35 are related to mathematics, and 45 are aimed at assessing the applicants' abstract thinking abilities.

Exam Duration:

The Test of Basic Learning Skills has a duration of 135 minutes.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the YÖS exam, applicants must complete the online Application Form available at http://yos.pinklinknetwork.com during the specified application period. This process will generate an Applicant Number for each candidate.

Application Fee:

The application fee for the YÖS exam is $25 USD or Rs. 7500 PKR. (Early birds)

Bank Account Details for YÖS-2023-24 Exam Fee Payment

The bank details are as follows​​​​​​​

Account Title: Pink Link
Account Number: 0010040163700010
IBAN Number: PK16ABPA0010040163700010
Bank Name: Allied Bank

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